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Looking for a blog post writer for your marketing brand?

Well, here I am

I’m Salvador Cardenal, a freelance blog post writer for hire.

I work closely with B2B marketing brands (mostly digital marketing agencies and SaaS companies) to create well-crafted, actionable blog posts that bring traffic and create leads.

If you believe that building trust with your audience by making their lives better is the way to go, we’re on the same boat, and I’d love to work with you.

These are some of the topics I cover

  • Anything a digital marketing agency would publish

  • Email marketing

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Outsourcing

  • Customer behavior based practices

  • Freelancing

  • SEO

  • Content marketing

  • Amazon Merch and Kindle Publishing (I have experience running a business in both platforms)

  • eCommerce

  • Social media management platforms

And in case you're wondering...

  • I have copywriting skills

  • I know how to source images

  • I know how to use wordpress

  • I know how to promote content in social media

  • And seriously, I take work seriously (seriously).

Content that is engaging, actionable, and solves your readers' problems provides your business with...

  • More organic traffic from search engines

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Loyal readers willing to pull out their wallet (Aww yeah!)

  • More likes and shares

  • Customers that come back again and again

  • A stronger online presence and a higher level of authority

  • More money to buy coffee (This reason in itself is enough)


If you’re ready to hire somebody who speaks all marketing to cover your content needs and speak in a voice that resonates with your audience, click here.

Is your blog content similar to any of the following?

If the answer is yes, great. These are some of the blogs I read regularly (and plan to guest post in), and I’d be glad to provide you with digital marketing blog posts that speaks in a similar fashion.